India’s daughters

India is home to one of the oldest civilization in the word with it’s rich culture;whose ancestors had attained highest level spirituality,progressed in science,mathematics,languages.In Hinduism there are hundreds and thousands of gods and goddesses each assigned with specific duty but among them there is something known as trinity I.e Bramha Vishnu and Shiv.They are not different but different form of the same energy. But they are incomplete without their Adi Shaktis. Bramha created this world,he required the knowledge he received it from his consort goddess saraswati similarly when vishnu reincarnated on the earth his Adi Shakti Lakshmi also incarnated as Sita of Ram and Radha of Krishna.Such is the position given to the women in Hindu mythology. But are their sisters on the earth getting the same respect in the society which prays to these goddess for their wellbeing

Certainly Not!!Every girl coming on this earth is believed to be the form of goddess Lakshmi but in India she is being killed in the mother’s womb as parents want a male child to carry 9 the name of their lineage and also according to the traditions last rites of a person is carried out by the son. Even a well-educated prefers a son over a daughter as she’s always considered as ‘Paraya Dhan'(others property)

Sexual violence is on rise in India. On 16th December 2012 a spine chilling incidence happened in Delhi,a gangrape on 23rd year old female physiotherapy intern. There was a huge uproar from the citizens as well from the media against this horrific incidence. This was also one of the reason why UPA government lost their power after 2 years of the incidence as people were of the view that the government failed to give security to the women in the country. Awarness was created regarding safety of the women,laws were amended and were made more stringent. Everyone thought this is going to be the turning point. New government was elected,more stronger than any other government that India had in past 30 years.

But Alas!!Government changed,Laws changed but the plight of India’s daughters continues. There are several cases reported of sexual violence are recording every hour in our country. In kathau and Unnao gangrape cases there where political links such as incidences hardly hit the Modi’s initiative of ‘Beti Bacho’ .

But has politics and judiciary alone let down the daughters of India? I guess not fully. It’s imbibed in our culture,It’s imbibed in our thought process. You must have had a question at least once,why Sita gave agni pariksha to prove her chastity?Why Pandavas put their wife Draupadi at stake in the game of dice?why we perform kanyadan(donation of the girl I.e bride in Hindu marriage)?Are girls just an object. Our thinking needs to be changed. Accept the flaws don’t just pass on the bucks,learn from your mistakes. Introspection is the first step toward progress. We got our independence half a century ago from British now we have to fight for the independence for half of the population. Struggle is an uphill one but with the support of everyone we will definitely see the light of the day